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During her time on the Designers in Residence programme at the Design Museum of London, Marta explored how nanotechnologically produced materials such as graphene can be used to reinforce natural fibres on a molecular level. As part of her ongoing research, the Rethinking Materials session for Dezeen’s Virtual Design Festival highlighted the problems around synthetics within the footwear and fashion industry and focus on the importance of redesigning our material and production systems to contribute to more sustainable alternatives. The session featured a discussion on how rising environmental issues are shifting conversations within material innovation and industry with Caroline Till, co-founder of futures agency FranklinTill, Wilson Oryema, co-founder of Regenerative Futures, and Angela Mathis, material and innovation designer at Birkenstock.


Caroline Till:

Caroline Till is Co-founder of FranklinTill, a research agency specialising in design, colour and material innovation for sustainable futures. Previous course director of MA Material Futures at Central Saint Martins, Caroline is also co-author of Radical Matter: Rethinking materials for a sustainable future recently published by Thames and Hudson, and editor of Viewpoint Design and Viewpoint Colour magazines.


Wilson Oryema

Wilson Oryema is a multidisciplinary artist and writer. His work primarily focuses on the theme of human consumption and the different ways it impacts human behaviour and the planet. Which he explores through various mediums including, text, image, film, and exhibitions. Wilson is a cofounder of the social change initiative, Regenerative Futures. 


Angela Mathis:

Angela Mathis is Material Innovation Designer at Birkenstock and founder of Studio A-M. She has a background in Industrial Design and MA Material Futures CSM. As an award-winning material intelligence designer, she pushes the boundaries of fashion, technology and scientific practices, to impact the footwear industry for the future human.





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